For you pudding lovers…

My wife and I love to watch political debates.

The verbal sparring is fascinating.

Some words are always off-limits for politicians.

They don’t say certain words or phrases because they’re either controversial or offensive or  otherwise inappropriate.

I want you to imagine you’re a politician from today onwards.

I want you to add a word to your own ‘off-limits’ list:


You need to stop calling yourself A diabetic.

Stop using the word altogether.

You are NOT a diabetic.

As soon as you call yourself an diabetic, you’re admitting defeat.

When you think of yourself as someone who control your blood sugar you become someone who can’t control their blood sugar.

You were not born with type-2 diabetes so there is no reason why you should live with diabetes.

The mind is hugely powerful.

Write down this phrase: 

“If I don’t have perfect blood sugar today it’s no big deal. I’ll just relax and an do better tomorrow.”

Put it next to your bed and read it to yourself every night before going to bed.

It’s time to stop putting pressure on yourself to be perfect.

This tasty treat (which is low-carb if you can believe it) will help:

Recipe Book (interactive) v9.28_Page_13Recipe Book (interactive) v9.28_Page_14 Recipe Book (interactive) v9.28_Page_15

It’s time to stop convincing yourself that you are incapable of controlling your blood sugar.

Here’s a test that will prove my theory:

Don’t think of a purple elephant. 

I’ll wrap this up tomorrow – along with the most popular dessert of the year.

 Can you guess what the link between diabetes and riding a bicycle is?

 – Joe ‘Political Junkie’ Barton

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