Deserts for Diabetic Diets

Did you list all the times you felt hungry last week? Take a look at it.


You probably felt hungry when you were near the TV or were online. Am I right?


Hunger will come naturally, if you let it. Being around a TV or internet exposes you to LOTS of pictures of food. We’re going ‘all natural’ today...


Back to the beginning...


200 years ago I bet people rarely had trouble with hunger. They were out working in the field all day long. Getting lots of sun and exercise. Today though, we work inside and
see a LOT of TV and internet.


Like some folks, I work from home.


It’s just not natural.


We are designed to be active and to be outside.


(exercise is a different topic, that comes later)

I’ll get to the best (and quickest) kind of exercise later. Now, let’s just talk about getting out of the house (or office). Most days I need to force myself to do it.


My “commute” is walking downstairs. And, even though I can walk 20 feet and be outside, I’m often tempted to go from office to couch… (and I give in more often than I care to admit)

Sunsine has a major positive effect on our health… and our hunger. (yes, artificial light is the opposite, more later)  More sunlight = better sleep, better blood pressure, and less risk of certain kinds of cancer from the increased vitamin D.

30 minutes of sun is a great dose, on as much skin as fits your modesty.


Cloudy days mean 60 minutes (a regular winter day here in South Dakota) If you can, leave the sunglasses inside. Your brain LOVES sunlight too!. Light therapy lamps can work in a pinch. Over the years, they’ve gotten pretty

10,000 lux is the minimum and you’ll want to have 30 minutes a day. Lightphoria makes a good one, you
can find it on Amazon.  

I'll wrap-up with two questions:


The more you have to think about  them, the more room for improvement you have 

Question 1: 

What time do you eat dinner every day?

Question 2:

What time do you eat breakfast every day?


I’ll tell you why tomorrow.


- Joe ‘Couch Potato’ Barton

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