Deserts for Diabetic Diets

Yesterday when I told you not to think about a purple elephant what happened?  Did a purple elephant pop into your head? See, your brain makes things easy.

As soon as I told you not picture something you couldn't help but see it. That's solid brain science. The same concept applies when you actively try to not eat dessert. As soon as you put make an effort  to deprive yourself your brain goes into action.

Instead of making it easy on you, your brain will see sweets EVERYWHERE. It’s like you have “dessert radar”. The brain can't relax when you're giving it pictures like “don’t” or “stop”. Your body is naturally designed to  crave sweets.

This will never disappear.

 Like riding a bike.  Here's the proof:

I bet you feel hungry.

Maybe not right now but at some stage in the day or night you see a picture of food and you feel like eating. This is your body’s natural reaction. (You can actually use this to your advantage - and I'll teach you how in another email).


When you try to force yourself to do something, that’s where the problems start.


Try this:


Write down all the times in the past week  when you've suddenly felt hungry.


[*] Where were you?  

[*] What were you doing?


We’ll get into your answers tomorrow (and give you the #2 most favorite dessert of 2014).


- Joe ‘The Brain’ Barton

P.S. Speaking of hungry, here’s an article that might help you understand why you’re hungry all the time.