Deserts for Diabetic Diets

I thought it would be a great time to give you a review of where you are in your “dessert makeover”


(trust me, it will help you to ‘lock in’ what you’ve learned)






Read each email as it comes in.


If there is a recipe for you to make - make it.


Then archive the email in the special mailbox folder you created. I also asked you to fill out a quick 2 question survey. If you didn't fill it out, please do so by  clicking the link below:



DAY 2: Pass the chocolate!



In my day 2 email, I dropped the hint that you can lose weight and still enjoy sweet, mouth-wateringly delicious desserts…

(like this one)

Recipe Book (interactive) v9.28_Page_22


DAY 3: Playing on words



Remove the word ‘diabetic’ from your vocabulary. When you wear the label – you become the label.  


DAY 4: Square peg – Round Hole


 You can't force yourself. If you tell your brain “don’t think about dessert”…




Don’t order yourself to skip out on favorites. When you want something sweet, grab one of our delicious recipes. (you are making them RIGHT?)


TakeS the pressure off, trust me.


DAY 5: Scratch that itch


 Craving sweets is natural.


Your body can keep normal blood sugar when you eat the right kind of sweets. Make the right choices, and you help your body do what it is designed to do. Oh, yeah… Get some sun.


The natural light does wonders for your body, and the natural vitamin D can help protect from a variety of cancers,  high blood  pressure, diabetes, and even help you lose weight!


DAY 6: Eating Schedules


Yep. It's time.

Time to eat! (on a schedule that is)

Dinner and breakfast at the same time each day. Hang in there – and remember to keep it easy! To be continued tomorrow.


Joe 'The Reviewer’ Barton

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