Before we get started, I want you to know three things:

  1. You can eat mouth-watering desserts guilt-free.
  2. You are capable of normalizing your blood sugar.
  3. Did I mention the delicious desserts?

My recipes will prove this to you.

The emails you receive from me will reflect what I've from my own test kitchen and from
talking to other “sweet tooths” just like you.  My emails will change the way you look at dessert. My emails will challenge what you think you know about balancing your blood sugar and even your own hypoglycemia or diabetes.

 RESULT: You will enjoy dessert again if you read the emails I send you and follow the recipes they  contain.




 Before you continue reading I have two questions for you.  Your answers are very important.

 Do not skip this step. Click the link below to answer them:  Click me! Click me!




You get a lot of emails. No doubt about it. Some of them get your attention. But most don't.

I need your attention! I need you to commit to me and what I have to say. You've given me your email address and the trust that goes with it.

I will repay your trust but to do this I need you to play your part.  You know the saying: "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink." Same applies here.

Every email I send you will have a subject line prefixed with: [DD] Day X:  ____________________

 When you see that email hit your inbox - open it and read it.  You'll get one "bite sized" email from me every day for the next two weeks.  This is on purpose. So you can easily consume each email (recipe).  Reading these emails (and fixing the dessert) is a small commitment on your behalf.

Don't let the side down.

 I'll give you delicious desserts... but only if you stick to the game plan.



 Please don't delete *any* of these emails.  Check your junk or spam mail folder if you think you're missing an email - just in case.


Add [email protected] to your email address book or 'safe senders' list.


 Create a special ‘Delicious Desserts’ mailbox folder.  Each day when an email comes in:

 1. Read it.

 2. If there is recipe for you to make - make it.

 3. Archive the email in your special folder.