Deserts for Diabetic Diets

Two emails ago, I asked you about your favorite TV show. I’ll tell you why in a minute.


First, take a look at what you wrote down. If you have more than two food items then you’re in big trouble. TV should be about fun, entertaining shows – not FOOD.

TV (or the internet for that matter) is not for:

[X] Buying food

[X] Seeing people buy food

[X] People selling desserts

etc etc etc.

Wait… Speaking of dessert

Recipe Book (interactive) v9.28_Page_20 Recipe Book (interactive) v9.28_Page_21

A friend of mine made a simple suggestion that makes killing “commercial cravings” easy. The mute button.

Just “mute” the commercials.

Try it for two or three nights and notice the difference. When those ultra loud commercials come on trying to sell you a dinner at the local restaurant…

You won’t even notice!

(some commercials are hysterically funny with no sound, by the way)


Without the sound, the commercial’s  ability to get you hungry is “zapped”. Studies show up to 80% of the power of a commercial comes from the sound. Avoid watching commercials for at least an hour before meals and bedtime. (of course if you get a craving, you can reach for one of our tasty sweets!)

If you’re into drastic measures you can  do what my friend in Arizona does. He “DVR’s” each and every show his family watches.  That way he can just skip right through the commercials entirely. If you don’t have a DVR, you can use
your VCR, of course.


TV should make you laugh or cry, not associate with being hungry or craving sweets. It might take some dedication on your part but, trust me, it will be worth it.


 - Joe ‘Down With Commercials’ Barton


P.S. With the right kind of sweets, you can actually get your blood sugar under control. I’ve got all the details here.