Deserts for Diabetic Diets

I am an avid football fan.


I am originally from the mid-west (SD since 2007) so football culture  runs in my blood. For those interested my favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings:

They're not the most successful team in the NFL, but they are the best! I get to every live game I can. Living nearby makes it a pretty easy drive. My wife thinks I should watch the game but true fans know it’s not the same!  

The drive makes it a problem for food… 

Unless you’re packing one of these! 

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It really is best to eat around the same time each day.  Yes, including weekends. Our bodies get into a ‘rhythm’ so it’s
harder to get those weird cravings. No matter your work, or travel, schedule. Stay at home or commute to the office…


Stick to a consistent mealtime. Getting off schedule on the weekends isn’t a “treat” – it can make it doubly hard to get back on track. Eating dinner and breakfast at the same time will give you more, consistent, energy, help you lose weight…

Help normalize your blood sugar and even help you go to sleep. If you’re having trouble with your blood sugar falling off, try sticking to a routine eating schedule – no matter what! If I were having trouble, that’s what I would

My health is more important than football, my business…

Health is one of the most important things we have. Now, I want you to notice something. Notice how I didn’t mention an exact time to eat?

Make it easy on yourself, and set a “dinner time” and “breakfast time” 

No pressure. 

In a later email I’ll take you through the steps to figure out your best personal “dinner-breakfast” schedule. It's based on the concept of calorie restriction. I'll also tell you about a chocolate frosting that is decadent, luscious, creamy and HEALTHY! (seriously, I could eat it by the gallon)

And last (but not least) do this for me:

Write down everything you see during your favorite TV show. (I’ll explain why soon)


- Joe 'Frosting By The Gallon' Barton


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